Secure FTP Information

Depending on a customer's needs, NAL Research provides access to a secure FTP site. When access is granted, the customer receives a username and password, and has access to a certain part of the site. Different areas of the site are protected by different usernames and passwords.

Connection with the secure FTP site is done using the FTPS protocol, which provides encrypted transmissions. Most browsers do not support the FTPS protocol like they support the FTP protocol by typing ftp:// in the url. We recommend using CoreFTP LE™ for connecting to the site. Also, if you already have an ftp client program, it may already have an option for using the FTPS protocol.

Instructions for using the following program is located below.

Using CoreFTP LE™

Step 1Visit the CoreFTP homepage and download CoreFTP LE™.

Step 2 — Run CoreFTP LE™. At the "Site Manager" screen click the "New Site" button and fill in the fields with the values shown below. Then, click the "Connect" button to begin the login process.

Site Name Name the site something.
Host / IP / URL
Username Enter username obtained from NAL.
Anonymous Unchecked
Password Enter password obtained from NAL.
Don't save password Check if you don't want Core FTP LE™ to remember the password.
Port 990
Timeout A good timeout is 60.
Retries This value is up to you.
PASV Checked
Connection Select FTPS(SSL DIRECT)
Use Proxy This value is up to you.
SSL Options Use default unless you know what you are doing.
CoreFTP Site Manager Screen

Step 3 — If this is the first time loging into the site, the following "Certification Information" screen should appear.

CoreFTP Warning Screen

Click Accept Once for accepting the certificate information once and Always Accept for saving it

Step 4 — After the username and password have been verified, the main window will appear and allow you to transfer files.