Network Reference - Direct Internet

The Iridium Direct Internet service allows users to connect to the Internet (or NIPRNet) via the Iridium gateway without having to sign up with an Internet service provider. This service utilizes a dedicated Apollo Server at the Iridium gateway, which provides high-speed connectivity to the Internet and optimizes server-to-Iridium modem communications. The dial-up networking setup is similar to the dial-up networking setup for landline telephone. The only difference is that the dialed telephone number is an international number provided by Iridium. Figure below illustrates how Iridium Internet (NIPRNet) call is routed.

Direct Internet service can be enhanced using Windows-based emulated point-to-point protocol (PPP) called the Apollo Emulator. With the use of the Apollo Emulator software instead of Microsoft Windows® dial-up networking, Direct Internet service can reduce connection time and improve data throughput. In addition, the Apollo Emulator offers a feature called Smart Connect™, which manages airtime by seamlessly connecting and disconnecting a user through the Iridium system. Airtime charges accumulate only while the call is connected. Improved effective data throughput is achieved through the use of user-transparent data compression. The channel rate is still 2.4 Kbps. However, 10 Kbps effective throughput can be achieved depending on content (graphics and images will result in lower effective throughput).

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